Q. How do I get the keys and directions to the cottage?

A. The keys will be provided upon checking in at the front desk.  Click on our DIRECTIONS tab for more information.

Q. Are we able to view the cottages or cabins to view them prior to renting?

A. For the privacy and security of guests who are staying here, we do not allow viewings of our cabins & cottages without prior arrangements, and only if there are no renters occupying them at the time.  Our website gives detailed descriptions of the units as well as numerous photos showcasing the inside and outside of the property.  

Q. I have more people in my party than the occupancy level permits, can an exception be made? 

A. When booking on our reservation page, state the number of guests you are planning on. Most of our cabins and cottages allow maximum TWO additional guests.  Exceptions may be made in some cases, and allowance made for very young children and infants.  This can be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Please send us an email with your requirements and we'll see what we can do.

Q. Can I have guests at the cottage?

A. If you have day guests you would like to come to visit, they must check-in and register at the front desk.  There is a charge of $10/person/day.  Sleepovers are permitted only if it does not exceed our regular occupancy for that unit at a cost of $25/person/day.  Please contact our office to have them added to your reservation as only registered occupants are allowed on the property. Violators will be evicted without refund.​

Q. What is there to do in the area?

A. There are many activities to enjoy while you are vacationing here.  Please visit our  THINGS TO DO  page to help you plan your vacation.

Q. How close is the nearest hospital? Grocery store? Other shopping?

A. Haliburton hospital is 40 minutes away – with a medical clinic, Carnavon and Minden is approximately 10 and 30 minutes away respectively, with grocery stores and a selection of restaurants, LCBO outlets and other specialty shops.

Q. Do you have air conditioning?

A. We do not have air conditioning units in the cottages however we do have a couple of portable units available for a nominal fee.  The cool lake breezes in the Highlands seem to be sufficient to keep our units at a comfortable temperature during the summer months.  

Q. Will we need to bring dishes and cutlery? Pots and pans?

A. No we provide everything you need in the kitchen except consumables.

Q. Is the tap water safe to drink?

A. Yes, our tap water is safe to drink, filtered and monitored regularly. 

Q. Will linens/towels be provided?

A. We provide blankets, comforters, and pillows for guests up to maximum occupancy.  For additional guests sleeping on futons or pull-out beds, please bring along linens, blankets & pillows.  We also provide one bath and one hand towel per person so you should bring additional towels for longer stays.  We do not provide beach towels.  One t-towel & dishcloth is provided but again, for longer stays, please pack some extras.

Q. What household appliances and entertainment are there at the cottage?

A. Fridge, stove, microwave, propane BBQ, free WIFI, TV (no satellite or cable), Cottages have DVD players.  There are a variety of DVDs available at the front desk.

Q. Can we bring our pet?

A. Yes you can, but strict rules apply.  Please refer to our  PET POLICY  page for more information.  We charge $15/day/pet + hst.

Q. Can we smoke in the cottage?

A. No, there is absolutely NO SMOKING inside our cottages and cabins.  Feel free to smoke outside but please dispose of the butts properly.  There are butt containers found in various locations around the property and we ask that you PLEASE respect our environment and Do NOT throw butts on the ground or in the lake. 

Q. Is the lake water nice to swim in? Is there a shallow area for young children?

A. Swimming and other water activities here on Halls Lake provide much enjoyment for all ages.  Our lake is clear and weed-free with a gradual slope into the water from the beach for young children.  For added enjoyment, bring along some inflatable water toys and sand shovels and pails for the little ones.  There are a few rocks so consider packing aqua shoes.

* IMPORTANT:  Our beach is unsupervised and therefore all children must be accompanied by an adult. *

Q. Is there good fishing on Halls Lake?

A. Yes. Halls Lake is considered one of the deepest lakes in the County and you can expect to come across walleye, bass and Muskie to name a few.  It is also famous for ice-fishing in winter. 

Q. Should we bring our own life jackets?

A. Yes. We provide some life jacket of various sizes, however, for your safety, we ask you to bring your own for a proper fit.

Q. Is there a public boat launch and can I dock at the resort?

A. Yes, there is a launch area just about 3-5 minutes away from the resort and then you can dock your boat by our lakefront during your stay.

Q. Do I have to clean the cottage/cabin?

A. Yes, it is the responsibility of each renter to clean their unit at the end of their stay. Cleaning supplies and equipment are available for you at the cabin or cottage.  These are inspected prior to your arrival and then again after your departure to make sure it has been left clean and intact with the exception of the beds which should be left unmade.  If excessive cleaning is required by our staff, this will be charged back to the renter.  

Q. What do I do with my garbage?

A. There is a shed in the bend of the driveway towards the rear parking area supplied with recycling bins and a garbage container.  There is a strict clear-bag policy for all waste materials, and recycling products are to be separated and placed in the blue bins available.  Paper products in one bin, cans (rinsed), plastics, Styrofoam, etc, in another.  If you run out of clear bags, let the managers know and more will be provided.  If your recycling bins become full, take them to the shed and replace them with empty ones.  

Q. What if I have to cancel?

A. The 50% deposit paid upon booking is fully refundable if canceled with more than 30 days' notice.  The balance owing is payable upon check-in.  With only six units at our resort, re-renting them in that short a time-frame is unlikely as people generally have made their vacation arrangements well in advance.  Our commitment is to hold your reservation from the day it is made and make your cabin or cottage unavailable to others.  This cancellation policy is for our protection.

Q. What do I do if there is a problem when I'm at the cottage?

A. If there is a problem when you arrive at the cottage or throughout your stay, please contact the onsite managers and let them know so they can try to rectify the situation. This is important to address during your stay rather than after you leave in order to clear you of responsibility for broken or damaged items.

Q. Will my cell phone work at the cottage?

A. Yes, we get a pretty good signal here.  There may be some spotty areas on occasion but generally, cell phones work quite well here.